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Are you ready for online learning? What skills do you have that translate well to online learning? What will you need to improve on while you start online learning? These questions and many more are at the front of the prospective adult student's mind. We hope to help ease the transfer and make the decision easier by providing the best tools available.

The SmarterMeasure tool will analyze your current skills and ask you questions to assess your own abilities when it comes to online learning. The tool will provide an in-depth overview of what it thinks you need to do before and during your online courses. Follow the link below to the tool:




The SORT Tool represents our quicker and more brief assessment of your skills. Mostly focused on your technical aptitude, the SORT tool is meant to make sure you and your computer can handle online learning. Most likely, as long as you can navigate the site effectively, online learning is within your grasp!

 Find our SORT Tool here .



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