Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is designed for the high school graduate who wishes to prepare for a career in the criminal justice system or the practitioner who wants to upgrade his or her criminal justice knowledge and professional credentials.  Many of the Criminal Justice students who come to McNeese have already been working in law enforcement for 10 to 20 years as Police Officers, Customs Agents, Probation Officers, Correctional Facilities, Court Reporters and many other related fields.  The Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice allows these professionals to move up and receive promotions in their current professions.  The curriculum requires 120 credits total which includes 30 credits devoted to Criminal Justice.  Other credits cover courses in general studies including Math, English, Science, History, Government, Communication, Fine Arts, etc. Accelerated 8-week courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters and 3-week and 6-week courses are offered in the Summer. There are 15 to 25 students per course.

Employment opportunities with local police departments are expected to remain steady for qualified individuals.  Additionally, applicants with college training in criminal justice have the opportunity to compete for employment with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice curriculum includes 160 hours of general education courses and 30 hours in criminal justice and elective credits earned by taking courses such as:
• Criminalistics
• Community Corrections
• Crime and Jurisdiction
• Juvenile Delinquency
• Security Systems
• Terrorism, Crime and Security
• Work and Occupation
• Deviance and Social Control
• Criminal Justice Administration and Management
• Contemporary Criminal Justice
• Organized Crime
There are also Special Topics in Criminal Justice which may be accepted as courses for someone entering who has special knowledge of past Criminal Justice topics derived from his or her knowledge in the field.

CALL SCHOOL:  McNeese State University
McNeese State University now offers online baccalaureate degrees in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Family and Child Studies, and Management through the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana (CALL) Program. The CALL Program allows adult learners the opportunity to pursue their degree online without putting their lives on hold. CALL allows adult learners to take advantage of two 8-week sessions within a regular semester. This allows students to earn credits each session during the semester while only having to concentrate on one or two classes at the same time. The online courses allow students to access class information and assignments when and where they choose.

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