Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Future Adult Student,

Have you considered going to college for the first time or returning to the college classroom after several years away? Do you need a GED? Or are you simply looking to change careers?

You are not alone. Almost 1 million Louisiana adults finished high school and never started college, while another approximately 645,000 started college and never finished. Many Louisiana adults are faced with the need to earn a college degree due to the changing economy or new demands in their career field.

Recognizing the rising demand, the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana, or CALL, is helping more adults go back to college and finish their degrees. Achieving your educational goals is now possible through a mix of innovative degree programs and support services designed for working adults who want to finish their degree, prepare to be future leaders within their career field, or secure their current employment.

Faculty and staff at CALL member colleges and universities appreciate the reality that adults face, grappling with hectic schedules at work, family, and other commitments. These professionals understand the fears you have about learning online, your ability to be a good student, and your capacity to produce high quality work. Faculty and staff at CALL member campuses are prepared to assist you in becoming a first-time college student or returning after some time away.

Convenient 100% online courses are designed to fit into your busy life while giving you the same academic challenges of the classroom experience. You can learn if you are ready for the online classroom by completing the SORT.

Accelerated or fast-track courses are available in four- or eight-week formats and allow you to focus on single subjects or chunks of information. Accelerated courses help adult learners avoid becoming overwhelmed by the demands of taking multiple subjects with overlapping due dates. Student testimonials from real CALL graduates can help you see how fast-track courses worked for their own busy schedules.

Prior Learning Assessment options allow you to accelerate your time to degree completion by earning credit from college-level learning gained through work, volunteer, or life experiences. Each CALL member institution offers a mix of credit-earning options through industry-based certifications, testing, and/or portfolio assessment.

You may have considered other degree programs in the past, but the costs were too high. Louisiana public colleges and universities have some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation and all CALL programs are financial aid eligible. Tuition costs are much less than the rates charged by the for-profit institutions that you often see advertised. CALL provides you with an affordable and convenient way to start and finish your degree.

Another benefit of attending a CALL member college or university is the credibility of your degree. You'll study with full-time professors, who are renowned state faculty educators, and learn from curriculum taught in traditional classrooms.

Contact a CALL member campus today using one of our easy methods and begin your path to return to learning.


Luke Dowden, Former Adult Learner and Executive Director of CALL

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