Use the top row to determine what stage of adult learner you are.
Each circle will take you one step further to finishing your degree!

Going to college for the first time can be a lot to take in. There's so much information coming from all directions. How do you know what's important?
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Need to Know

According to research, adults prefer the flexibility of online education. Do you?

Your level of degree attainment has a large impact on how much your total earnings will be throughout your life.

Online students typically attend a college less than 90 miles away from their home. Which college is near you?

Wondering where to get textbooks? Want info on Fast-Track courses? Easily find answers to all the common questions.
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Find out whether online learning might be right for you. Answer a few questions to assess your readiness, goals, and learning preferences.
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For many adults, e-learning provides opportunities to continue their educational pursuits while working, raising a family, or when they do not have immediate access to a campus. Find out more about learning online.
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Learning Online
Paying for college tuition, fees, books, and other associated costs can be a main obstacle in your path to a college degree. Learn about all of your options to pay for your new education.
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Paying for College
Through a process called "prior learning assessment" you can pursue many opportunities outside the traditional classroom or the online classroom to earn college credit and to accelerate your time to degree completion.
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Many universities around Louisiana have teamed up with CALL to assist the many adult learners in the pursuit of a further education. Find out about schools near you and what programs they offer.
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Whether nursing, business, or network security, there is a program offered to suit any interest. Read up about all of the different programs offered throughout the state.
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If you're ready to enroll, or just need more info, don't hesitate to contact a CALL representative. Our process has been set up to get you into contact quickly, and get you moved on to that next stage.
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