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This program allows registered nurse students to complete theory and clinical degree requirements in their own community. All Nursing courses are offered via the Internet. The RN to BSN program has a total of 124 credit hours and offers a flexible, individualized plan for learning to assist registered nurses who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  This plan offers the opportunity for the student to complete upper division nursing courses after the completion of general academics.  The student has the opportunity to earn credit without enrollment in 32 hours of nursing courses.  Prior Learning Assessment, college level learning acquired through life or work experience, is available for the RN to BSN degree program.  CALL "fast track" courses are offered in 4 and 8-week sessions which allow the student to focus on one or two courses at a time. Transfer credit for general education courses is awarded on an individual basis.

The National Advisory Council on Nursing Education and Practice (NACNEP) recommends that 2/3 of the RN workforce hold a Bachelor of Science and current trends indicate that this goal will not be reached for another decade without significant infusion of resources and energy.

The RN to BSN can be earned entirely online and requires 124 credit hours (64 hours of the 124 semester hours must be in the Nursing curriculum) earned by taking coureses such as Biology, Chemistry, Humanistic as Nursing Care, Health Assessment and Basic Life Skills Across the Lifespan, Cultural and Ethical Influences on Health Care, and History, Issues and Trends in Nursing.  Please refer to the General Catalog http://registrar.nsula.edu/course-catalogs/ starting on page 86 for the RN to BSN curriculum.

CALL SCHOOL - Northwestern State University
Northwestern State University of Louisiana is a four-year public university primarily situated in Natchitoches, Louisiana with a nursing campus in Shreveport and general campuses in Leesville/Fort Polk and Alexandria.  The CALL program is especially appropriate for mature adults with a clear focus and desire to pursue a distinct course of study based upon educational and work experiences.  Northwestern offers six CALL degree programs which may be completed entirely online under the "fast track" method or in a regular semester format.

Dr. Darlene Williams, Vice President, Technology, Research, & Economic Development
Carl Henry III, Coordinator of Adult Education Initiatives
Stephanie M. Henson, Coordinator of Credit Programs

For additional information, please use the contact form or visit the Northwestern State University CALL website.  

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