Public Safety Administration 

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Public Safety Administration is to prepare students for administration roles in fire and emergency medical service, law enforcement, emergency management and related public safety careers.

Gaining an understanding of all aspects of leadership within the public service community is a major emphasis of the program and an asset for students.  Graduates are prepared for the growing support needs of local, state, and federal agencies.  The need for trained professionals to administer programs ranging from traditional law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service, emergency management and related private sector employers is on the rise.

ORGL 300    Intro to Organizational Leadership Concepts and Principles
ORGL 311    Professional Writing
ORGL 314    Diversity and Intercultural Understanding in a Global Context
UPSA 3700  Disaster Response Operations & Management
ORGL 317    Concepts and Technologies of Organizational Communication
ORGL 321    Principles of Team Leadership in Project Management
ORGL 324    Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
CJ 3360        Criminal Investigation
ORGL 327    Laws and Ethics Applied to Organizations
ORGL 334    Critical Thinking and Analytics
ORGL 335    Contemporary Business Issues
UPSA 3400  Managing Behavior in Public Organizations
ORGL 337    Strategic Planning Within Organizational Cultures
SOC 4080    Race and Cultural Relations
UPSA 4100  Financial Management and Budgeting
UPSA 4700  Venue and Event Security
UPSA 4400  Law and Public Policy
UPSA 4200  Research and Analysis Methods in Emergency Management
UPSA 4480  Senior Seminar
UPSA 4000  Seminar in Current Topics in Public Safety Administra

Online applications and information for Northwestern State University are available at:

The oldest institution in the University of Louisiana System, Northwestern State University has a long tradition of academic excellence in a student-centered environment.  Founded in 1884 as the State Normal School, Northwestern State was originally dedicated to the education of teachers, now the home of the Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development.  Today, Northwestern State offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is the home of Louisiana's first and largest online program, eNSU.  One hundred percent of eligible academic programs received accreditation from a national or international accrediting agency.

True to its educational roots, Northwestern State continues to innovate in the classroom, particularly with the more than 30 degree or certification programs that are 100% online and the hundreds of individual course offerings across the entire academic spectrum.  Among the online degrees are a bachelor's degree in Unified Public Safety, whose faculty support NSU's contribution to the ULS Organizational Leadership Program, and a master's of science in Homeland Security, the first of its kind at a Louisiana public university.  NSU puts a high priority on service learning and hands-on instruction that is applicable to the workplace.  Northwestern State is also home to the Louisiana Scholars' College, the state's designated honors program in the arts and sciences, and one of Louisiana's premier arts program in the Dear School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Enrollment at Northwestern State is more than 9,000 students.  The university has more than 90,000 alumni in all 50 states and 12 countries.  Located in Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, the university and community value history.  Part of the university is entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Northwestern State University President Dr. Randall J. Webb:
“Participation in the Organizational Leadership degree is an honor. This kind of system-wide collaboration shows the innovation of our campuses in the University of Louisiana System. We are proud to participate in finding another distinctive way to serve Louisiana's citizens.  The Public Safety Administration concentration is a cutting-edge program that not only identifies problems but also provides solutions.”

For questions about admissions requirements and financial aid, contact:
Andrea Maley, Director, Office of Admissions

For questions about curriculum, contact:
Dr. Jack Atherton, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, History, Social Science

Visit the Organizational Leadership home page to get additional information about the overall program, including cost, age/credit requirements, and length of term. 

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